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Founded in 2010 we keep providing cost-effective premium services to our

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By industry standards, a developer with 5+ years of experience is considered as "Senior"

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Our Team love to work for
our clients long-term

avg. age of the team

Our Team is young and motivated, but skilled enough to handle the most challenging projects

Far away from the Capital and due to the low presence of IT companies in our region we have the unique access to a fairly large talent pool and recruit only the very best of them. In that way we provide premium full-cycle IT outsourcing and software development services to build Web, Desktop, Mobile, Enterprise & Cloud applications made exclusively for your business. Latest software development and management processes are already in place and our know-how will help you achieve your goals quickly, improving your ROI faster.

Our clients are mostly SMBs and some of the brightest tech startups in Silicon Valley currently.

Our Engagement Models

Time and Material

Best choice for those R&D projects where the overall amount of the  required development effort cannot be predicted in advance, or where the  business requirements for the software being developed are frequently changed during the development process.

Agile Approach:

Project Lifecycle:
Initial Requirements
Requirement analysis
Resources booking
Development of sprint

Dedicated Team

Team of developers with a set of specific skills  who meet the project and business requirements and are based at our office in Bulgaria. A Dedicated Team works as a natural  extension of your own IT department following your processes, best practices, company culture and your core values.

Agile Approach:

Project Lifecycle:
Booking of Resources
Contract terms agreement

Fixed Cost Project

Best for small to medium projects built from scratch. Payments are made when each milestone is completed, deployed and approved. We have extensive experience estimating development effort and delivery schedule.

Agile Approach:

Project Lifecycle:
Planning stage
Project estimate

Our Clients about us

"RFL Developers were very skilled and easy to work with. Their communication skills and technical abilities were top notch."

"It's always a pleasure to work with RFL. They are very responsive, fast, and provide solutions with high quality."

"This was a rather complex project however RFL's team did an incredible job on it. Project was completed on time and works beautifully. I plan on working with them again in the near future!"

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